Russian girlfriends comparing to western ex-wives

Russian women are absolutely gorgeous, a big number of famous beauty queens is a confirmation of that. Men who married or dated them, are considered very lucky.
But why would western men give up their local women at all, in order to find a mate in Eastern Europe? To answer this question, let’s analyze divorce situations in the west.

Financial factor

The majority of complaints from divorced western men are connected with financial consequences: their ex-wives receive a half of all belongings, and up to seventy percents.
Add the alimonies amount to this, and overall demands during the marriage and after it. The expectations and requirements are always enormous, and literally leave a man barefoot.
Eastern European women do not have such an approach. They date or get married to have a man nearby, to enjoy real closeness with him and make sure they aren’t alone on Earth.
It may sound weird to us but Russian girls do have these ideals and aspirations, although many other nationalities turned so materialistic. The opposite happens quite rarely.
Brides from Russia who are later called money-hungry and ignorant towards their men, can be easily detected in advance, and one should use this knowledge to prevent any troubles.
Such girls either come from the lowest levels of Russian society, or are shallow Instagram models and daddy’s girls. All the categories in between are traditional and genuine.
There are hundreds of success stories about international couples, and western men seem to be very happy with their Russian wives, devoted and hard-working. Do you want to take a chance too?

Partnership and support

We all know that western women are very independent, sometimes too much. For a western mentality, it’s normal to give each other a lot of personal space, both to relatives and to life partners.
But if you’re a sensitive and touchy type of a person, a Russian woman suits you better. They stay in a close contact with their partner, love to touch, to kiss, and to share things.
No one would call Russian girls immature, especially in comparison to western young women. They used to care about their family members since early childhood, and they care about husbands.

Motherly duties

Over and over again, western men get a full custody over their kid or several children after divorce. It’s when their western exes start a new family and refuse to bear former duties.
Also when they get addicted to the alcohol, drugs, polygamous lifestyle, when they prefer to stay jobless, or when they go to mental hospitals. Situations can be very different yet negative.
For Russian women, it comes as a big surprise that a child stays with his father. It makes western men true heroes in their eyes. It almost never happens in Russia or Eastern Europe.
Women in Russia are wonderful mothers, almost without exception. Again, only lowest-level girls or spoiled daddy’s girls can make such an exception. All the others are angels of motherhood.
Never they could live calmly after abandoning their own child. Having such a good heart for kids, they surely care a lot about their husband or boyfriend as well. Guaranteed!

Sexuality and open-mindedness

Who wouldn’t agree that sexuality is a core of any marriage? Western women seem to be very progressive in that matter, but it’s exactly the case when too much is no good.
They’re open-minded enough to calculate their own orgasms, to cheat and claim it’s very modern, to be a swinger, but not to make sure they satisfy their male partner to the fullest.
Very often, there is a headache issue, super tiredness issue, party animal issue, and whatever else that distracts American women from pleasing their husbands. Not typical for Russia though!
It’s very deep in Russian mentality that a man needs and deserves physical attention, moreover, they keenly enjoy it as well. They aren’t into doubtful experiments though.
It would be fair to say Russian women welcome all experiments that lead to their man’s pleasure, but only healthy and harmless ones. They hardly accept cheating on mutual agreement.
They aren’t into very dark BDSM stuff either, but usually do not mind light forms of it as one of love game kinds. Classical love-making is a must for them every night, the rest is bonuses.

How do they handle the stress?

Stress is unavoidable in a relationship and marriage, it’s naturally a part of it. Many areas of our daily life involve stress, such as work, transport, paying the bills, or health issues.
Unfortunately, many western men admit western women participate in creating the stress, instead of helping to reduce it. Often, they’re pushy and bossy to the maximum.
Russian women have a different nature. They tend to be mild, gentle, feminine in any situation, strong only when they need to protect their loved ones, great listeners and helpers.
Their help includes massages, sweet talks, long kisses, suggesting creative ideas, planning romantic getaways, and anything that can improve a man’s psychological condition.
There is a stereotype that Russian women easily get homesick. But it’s not true. By their own confession, their homeland is too grey and hopeless, to even compare it to the US.
Ex-Moscow habitants can think differently, but this majestic capital fully opens its opportunities only to elites. Otherwise, its typical landscape brings boredom pretty soon.
So, Russian brides and girlfriends aren’t depressed at all. On the opposite, they’re surprisingly optimistic, laid back, easy-going, down-to-earth when needed, and have an infectious smile.

How do they manage the money?

We touched the financial factor already, but managing the family budget is somewhat different. It’s a daily process and it involves so many common activities, and goals.
American women used to think in a broad-minded manner, when it comes to going out together, travelling, purchasing stuff, arranging children’s education, and so on.
Of course, they do not put all that on a man’s shoulders, and try hard as well, in order to cover all needs. But they dare to plan big from the beginning, simply because they’re Americans.
Russian women are very modest and reasonable, again, if you chose wisely. Even if they succeed to re-educate themselves and get good jobs in the US, they aren’t in hurry to spend.
It’s surely seductive for them to try all opportunities of shopping they never had in Russia, but after several dresses and pairs of shoes, they normally stop, being afraid there will be nothing left.
After all difficulties of life in Russia, constant crisis, political changes, instability, they become immune to seductions of big shopping and luxurious lifestyle. They prefer reliability.
So they’ll always re-ask their husband or partner whether this amount can be spent or not, whether this idea or wish is acceptable or not, and their man’s opinion matters the most.
Once they get children, their carefulness only increases and they become afraid to waste or spend even a little amount if that is dangerous for the kids’ future. So a man can be calm in that regard.