Where to meet hookup girls in Russia?

Russian beauties are known as family-oriented and classy. So it always takes extra efforts to go casual with them, no matter how modernized Moscow and St. Petersburg become.
To understand their way of thinking better and approach them, one needs to compare their values and behaviour to girls of other nationalities who he has already encountered.
Where do we meet hookup girls in US and Europe? What are our strategies on getting intimate with them? It all may differ in Russia, so we should develop new ways.

Bar girls

The easiest place to hookup is a bar and it’s just so traditional since our parents’ and grandparents’ time. But is it really similar in Russia and post-Soviet countries?
The conception of the bar was absent in the USSR. It was possible to drink alcohol in expensive restaurants for elites, or in cheap dining rooms somewhere close to the railway station.
However, the number of drinks was usually limited and a drunk person was immediately reported. It all changed after the Restructuring / Perestroyka times in the 90s.
People lost any guidance and their behaviour was greatly affected by this emptiness. Alcohol wasn’t forbidden or limited anymore, nor its quantity has been ever checked or certified.
This resulted in a huge wave of alcoholism and drug addiction that literally covered Russia. Girls who we meet today, are always in a middle between fanatic sobriety, and light forms of addiction.
Bars became very typical for Russia, one can find them on each corner in big towns and in special districts in bigger cities. Girls are surely available there, but something differs.
In Europe, especially in cold countries like Sweden, women of all social categories may come to the bar to have a few drinks, simply because they’re frozen and bored. Isn’t so?
In Russia, there are two main types of bars. The first type is for low-class ladies or escort women, even if the bar looks fancy itself. The second type is for elite and celebrities, with face-control.
Various TV show workers, rock singers, and similar folks may hang out there within their own circle and relax. But decent models and average women do not attend bars in Russia.
So one has to realize, if he goes to the bar or pub there, he will most likely meet an easy virtue female who has no value, or a professional escort girl who will charge him double as a foreigner.
If these options are ok for you, then take a chance, but beware of aggressive and tricky securities, as well as local thieves and non-fair bills with one or several positions added.

Nightclub divas

Fear not: you can find a hookup girl in nightclubs of Russia, just like you do in any other country of the world. There are no big differences in this area at the moment.
Warnings are the same as those ones regarding the bars. However, about nightclubs, there are always plenty of reviews online from real visitors, so one can chose the most friendly places.
A good thing is that in Russia, one won’t be trapped by a sudden shemale like it happens in Asia and western countries. All girls are real girls physically, and ladyboys are very easy to spot.
There are lots of categories of women in Russian nightclubs that are perfect for hookups. For sure, young girls students interest men the most, and they really prevail in such places.
Some nightclubs exactly specialize in students and events for colleges, Universities. For obvious reasons, it isn’t recommended to visit them since a foreigner will look strange there.
It’s more convenient and appropriate to meet young girls in four-star middle-priced nightclubs. It also gives you a guarantee they aren’t rich kids whose father is going to fight for them.
Another typical category of hookup women is bored housewives. They are more preferable than cougars and business sharks, since they have less demands and are less money-wasting.
But there is always a warning about housewives and milfs: their boyfriend or husband happens to be somewhere around, so watch out. If not, you can fully enjoy the time.
It isn’t a good idea to hookup women who came in companies to celebrate Birthday or to spend the weekend with colleagues. They’ll be in less playful mood then, and others are jealous.
However, when the quantity of alcohol is sufficient, there’s honestly no difference anymore, with whom a sexy girl came and what her company thinks about you two. Just enjoy!

Hookup apps and sites

A few decades ago, people considered online dating and especially hookups not safe enough. Today, it’s even funny to recall that time since offline dating became more dangerous.
Nothing is wrong with hookuping online, including Eastern Europe where this kind of applications finally became very common. It has advantages only, and here are some of them:
• Both of you know from the beginning what to expect, without time-wasting hopes and requirements. The two of you want casual sex, and are ready to everything involved.
Hookup apps make it easy to organize. When you pickup a girl offline, you need to put a lot of efforts and act spontaneously, while women online are already horny.
• The best schedule for travelling. One can arrange quick meetings with multiple ladies in Russia and use his vacation days or nights efficiently, instead of staying indoors.
Still, the difference between western hookup girls and Russian ones exists. Girls in Moscow cannot be that straightforward and physical, no matter how hard they try. They do need romance.
If one manages to balance romance and lust, he will succeed in hooking up Russian women. It’s also more convenient to do online so a girl gets more excited to the moment of your arrival.

How to switch from one girl to another gracefully?

There is one more thing one can easily do in his own country but not in Russia: switching from one lover to another. This needs a special training and can be reached with time.
The jealousy issue takes place even if a woman is already married, has another boyfriend, or agreed to meet you just for few hours of pleasure. The enigmatic Russian nature!..
Dating experts suggest several ways to breakup with one girl and spend time with another, as more as no breakup is actually needed if there’s no serious relationship. Try this out!
• Being nice until the end. Some guys manage to be so romantic and gentle with Russian girls, no one would suspect they simply move to the next lover after.
• Being cold after sex. It really works, and many girls lose their interest as well. It’s enough to ignore her questions and text to someone endlessly on your phone.
• Involving her into a game. Talk to her from the beginning about open-mindedness, threesomes, bisexuality, and stuff. Some girls accept, and make it easier to play.
• Humiliating yourself. Some men are gallant enough to say they aren’t worthy of such a beauty queen, and their interests or intentions are way below. Girls are ok with that.
• Turn-ons card. Play this card when she’s a psychologist or just a smartie: tell her she’s sweet but your turn-on is the opposite type of appearance, and you cannot control that.
These are just some of hookup strategies you may use in Russia. Create your own ones, add new elements into these ones, and you’ll rock like a star during your hot sexy vacation.