European Girls vs. Asian Girls: Which Are the Ideal Women?

European girls and Asian girls are both alike and different in several ways. The main thing they have in common is that men see them as wife material. They have all the attributes a man wants in a wife and their genetics make them some of the most attractive in the world. That combination is obviously a winning one for the majority of available men. Although true, let’s get down to the nitty gritty to see how they differ to assist you in deciding what continent is your best bet for international love. 

Dating Style

Dating a European girl is easier than dating an Asian girl. Although cold at first, they open up rather quickly and are not very shy. This means all you have to worry about is showing her a good time and making sure not to offend which is fairly easy to do. Just remember to lead, be polite, maintain a warm, upbeat tone and do not talk too much. They hate pointless chatter used to avoid what many of us know as awkward silence. For them, silence is not awkward so keep that in mind. Asian girls, on the other hand, tend to be very shy and timid which makes dates more difficult for most. Chances are, you will end up playing the date too safe and fail to leave a lasting impression. Oftentimes, their reservation causes men to shut down when they should actually steadily break down barriers to promote openness. So, when it comes to dating European girls vs. Asian girls, European girls are what most prefer since they bring more energy. 


As for attentiveness and how they treat their partners, both have a lot to offer. They are kind, caring, giving and are always there. That being said, it is more difficult to reach that point with European women. Asian women are attentive right off the bat. They’ll respond to your texts right away, be there when you call and always make themselves available for dates. European women make men work for their attention and affections. They can be flaky at times, tend to hold back their feelings, make themselves unavailable, and will delay replying to messages. Obviously, they differ so it depends on what you prefer. Men who favor a romance in which mutual feelings are established at the very start should pursue Asian women. You will always know where you stand and how they feel about you (as long as you ask). As for those who prefer the thrill of the chase, go European. The entire chase is sure to be unexpected and thrilling.

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When it comes to looks, both ethnic groups are stunning therefore personal preference is a driving force behind this decision. Although they have completely different looks, both offer a level of femininity that you can’t find anywhere else. To get down to specifics, European girls are very womanly. They have beautiful faces with gorgeous eyes, flowing hair and very proportionate figures that are thin yet developed in all the right places. They look similar to the women you see in fashion magazines. When it comes to Asian women, they look just as innocent as they are. Women from Asia have a subtle sex appeal and, as said, are attractive as well. The contrast of their pale skin and dark hair is striking, they tend to be very petite and are actually quite flawless. So, European girls vs. Asian girls stack up evenly in terms of looks. 


Both deliver in this department as well. It is the nature of their intelligence that differs. Book smarts are often a given but European women have this quick witted intelligence that will keep you on your toes. Men who need mental stimulation on a regular basis will prefer the company of a woman from Europe over an Asian one. Girls from Europe are sharp which greatly increases their level of attractiveness. The intelligence of an Asian woman is more muted. It comes out here and there as you get to know her. Asian women usually do not lead with it and do not use it as a tool when flirting or simply interacting with men.
There you have it. We’ve discussed the highlights of European girls vs. Asian girls so now it is your turn to decide which are the ideal women in your eyes. 
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