How to Create a Dating Profile on Russian Dating Sites in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a dating profile on Russian dating sites is an art. You need to find a balance between giving a sneak peek of the many aspects of yourself and coming off as an amazing man that many women want to date. Another factor to consider is how to translate this in a way that will interest Russian women. Let’s go over what you need to know to create the ultimate online profile and ensure a high response rate. 

1. Create an Eye-Catching Username

Don’t put too much thought into your username but ensure that it is a good representation of yourself. You want it to catch a woman’s eye and interest her enough to take a closer look. This especially comes in handy when you contact a woman for the first time. You want to do everything you can to encourage a reply. 

2. Focus on Your Profile Photos

Every online dating profile needs good photos. Russian women, like all the other women in the world, want to know what you look like. Taking a few good photos is easy. Just take them in a well-lit area, smile and make sure you are well dressed and well groomed. It is suggested that you upload at least three. Ideally, this should include one headshot, one full body shot and an action shot. This action shot can be something like you on a hike, skiing, running a marathon (if you do that sort of thing) or hanging out at a party. As for things to avoid, pictures lacking clarity is number one. It makes it look like you are hiding something as do photos at odd angles with strange lighting or those with you wearing sunglasses or a hat. This is fine for one photo (like your action shot) but otherwise, you want to steer clear of such things. Another very popular yet peculiar trend going around that you want to avoid is taking dressing room photos. Western women are not impressed and the same goes for Russian women. These pictures are quite awkward and may give a prospective date the impression that you didn’t own clothes that were nice enough to take photos in. Lastly, save the sexually suggestive photos for later. Posting them on your page will scare Russian girls away.

3. Write Your Headline

Depending on the Russian dating site you choose, there may be space for a headline. If not, you can add a headline or greeting at the start of your profile description. The point of this is drawing potential matches in. It is best to go for something that promotes conversation or encourages women to want to get to know you better. Something as simple as, "Let’s enjoy a nice, quiet evening getting to know each other over an internet connection” will do the trick. This one, in particular, creates a relaxed setting perfect for getting to know one another. It is likely to put a girl at ease and increase her eagerness to chat with you. 

4. Write a Thoughtful Profile Description

When trying to create a dating profile on Russian dating sites, the profile description is everything. Unlike men, women like lengthier profile descriptions because they want to learn as much as they can about you prior to talking one on one. Since there may be a language barrier, use simple English and consider using a bulleted list or two when sharing interests and/or hobbies for increased readability. For those wondering what to include, be sure to talk about your life to give the women on these sites an idea of how you live and discuss your career. Russian women like men with stable careers who can provide for a family. Your job doesn’t have to be impressive, just secure. Other key points to touch on is the type of relationship you’re looking for as well as the type of woman you’re looking for. Russian women enjoy reading such things, especially if they have many of the traits mentioned in your description.
All in all, creating a dating profile on Russian sites doesn’t differ much from others. You just want your profile to highlight all your standout qualities and serve as an impressive introduction. When working on your profile, don’t overthink things. Just be honest, engaging and most importantly, YOURSELF. Best of luck.