Why is now a perfect time for dating Russian women?

Beautiful Russian girls got used to the idea of international dating since decades. So many happy marriages and successful relationships took place in 2000s, before and after.
It wasn’t always smooth since Russia was passing different social periods. On the beginning, it was too exotic for women in Russia to date westerners, so they rarely relocated.
Later, they realized the opportunities and started to relocate even without real feelings, simply to avoid harsh Russian reality. Today, it has been finally stabilized and they seek nothing but love.
The explanation of that is their improved financial and social situation. Many women got well-paid jobs in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Sochi, or Tatarstan.
The laws have improved significantly as well. Women are encouraged to give birth within Russia, work in Russia until their retirement, they get better healthcare than before.
So basically, when they chose to date or marry with a western man, it’s not because they’re completely desperate like years ago. This stereotype is archaic already, it’s their balanced choice now.
They probably give up their stable positions and apartments in Russia, and get ready to start from zero in a new country where things aren’t easy at all. Many realize the consequences.
Since men often warn on the beginning that women will have to work in the US, and possibly work hard, brides and girlfriends do their best to improve language skills and gather the info.
As to Russian hookups and short-term relationships, they became much more possible than before as well since people there already grew open-minded and modern-thinking.
So what do we have recently? Women ready to love someone and care about, or at least to make love wildly to a foreign guy, are waiting for us so we should better hurry up!

Top Russian date and hookup apps

Now you know that Russian beauties can be met on hookup apps too, not only on serious dating apps. Some of platforms combine both options. Here are the best of them.

No. 3 app. AnastasiaDate

Yes, this dinosaur is still on the list, and it doesn’t seem to lose its positions. Western men and Russian women, as well as Ukrainian ones, are using it both for casual and for long-term affairs.
You probably know that nothing is free on AnastasiaDate, and many options are available such as sending real gifts, ordering phone calls with an interpreter on the third line, etc.
But the database is really enormous, and all girls are very good-looking. Some of them are professional models, some use Photoshop for their photos, but the majority are naturally awesome.

No. 2 app. Mamba

Only lazy dating experts didn’t write about Mamba. Everyone knows about this free dating app with millions of Russian-speaking girls. One may need to translate online all his chats there.
Since the app comes at no cost, the quality of services isn’t that perfect. The quality of girls either, but the choice is huge indeed. Many couples have united exactly through Mamba.

No. 1 app. Brilic

Brilic app is reportedly the best Russian dating app, also suitable for hookups. Russian girls are loving it for a very informative dating blog in their language, and qualitative men.
The pricing on Brilic suggests that only successful men would join. It weeds out guys who aren’t able to travel and meet the girl, or cover her travel expenses. So women find it reliable.
Since Brilic is very trendy and has modern newest features, it is often used for casual affairs, not only for marital purposes. It is really a number one app in Russia and it remains the best.

How to communicate with a Russian girl online?

Russian women are intelligent ladies, and their way of thinking evolves rapidly. It is wrong to expect only negative or only positive things from them, as they are alive human beings.
Here are some of the frequent mistakes men do, relying on other people’s experience back in the past. If you avoid these actions, your results will be awesome and your trip to Russia will rock:
• Do not be too brief or impolite in your first words, type full-length greetings with the maximum of warmth. Russian girls appreciate such an approach, and smile back!
• Do not tell from the beginning how much you are afraid of scammers or how much you suffered from them. Even a good girl is uncomfortable to justify herself.
• Do not write a very long message about your terrible ex-wife or girlfriend. It will make a woman think she may be at her place one day in future, and avoid you.
• Do not get too naughty too quickly. It’s an old rule, but it should be applied to your communication with a Russian girl too, since they’re romantic and classy.
• Do not completely ignore their parents, especially if one of them is sick, or their child, especially if it’s still a baby, a toddler. Be sweet, at least ask about their well-being.
Russian women like courtesy and courtship, even if they agreed to go casual. That’s a well-known fact about them. So if you’re smart, you will gather the best love harvest ever.
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